Joel Spencer first came onto the arts scene by converting discarded televisions into hanging wall mirrors. As an abstract and conceptual artist living in Las Vegas for the last 15 years. Joel works with a variety of mediums. Incorporating interactive elements into his exhibition works. An eye for the whimsical and absurd his works suggest a certain serenity within chaos. He has forged a creative living designing visual elements commercially and residentially as well as designing and building props, scenery for film /stage productions.  Adding 222 Imperial to the Las Vegas Downtown arts community, he created a contemporary gallery with group show like “Geek” and “Ice cream Pop”.
As of 2016 Joel partnered with Nova May together they curated the micro gallery 222space located in the Arts Factory focused on interactive and immersive installations. 
 Nova May and Joel Spencer are a Las Vegas-based artist duo who focus their practice on 
interactive and immersive installations and sculptures.  
May and Spencer’s art is known for being big playful with a modern twist on pop art. From their interactive Love Locket sculpture at the Container Park, which is beloved by the downtown community, to their installations at 222 Space in the Art’s Factory, May and Spencer tend to work on a large scale with bright expressive colors and playful lines and shapes. 
Some of their most popular and well-received exhibitions, include:
  • Spin,  an interactive art installation for Clark County’s “Learning by Doing” initiative, inspired by a man in India that powers homes with electricity generated by riding a stationary bike. 
  • Metamorphosis a powerful statement about climate change, mass extinction and urban sprawl. The butterfly was its symbol. They used special paper to create thousands of butterflies to pour out of nuclear power plant-type silo. It was beautiful, but in contradiction to the real human-created problems we face, also terrifying and haunting.  
  • Ice Cream Pop one of the duo’s best received installations. It was pure summer fun. Hundreds of people came to be photographed with the pop-inspired ice cream wall. The show was such a hit, the duo is reviving the exhibition, this time with glitter, for the Life is Beautiful Festival in the Art Motel with the Meow Wolf art collective.
May and Spencer are mixed media artists who work in many different kinds of materials, so their work is always surprising and unexpected.  They use metal, paint, wood, paper, and clay, as well as more unconventional mediums, like sand, glitter, light, crystals, found objects, and sound to create multi-sensory installations. 
The duo is at their best transforming public and private spaces into transcendental art experiences for the public – People immersed in art. Art changing and being changed by people. As long-time Nevada residents, they are inspired by the desert, the barren landscapes, the muted colors and the way in which urban life is juxtaposed against it. They bring the vibrancy of urban life – neon, immersion, color, larger than life pop art, human energy, and juxtapose it agains the back drop of Southern Nevada in all it raw, barren glory. 
Their art really is the story of desert life. All of it.  -Kim Foster 
This  sums up my current art duo relationship with Nova May .http://novamayart.com
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